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5 WEEKS / Chinese BBQ delivery package 

When-  2017.07

What-   Packaging Design

Where- Shenzhen

11:11 designed specialized Chinese BBQ delivery packaging for young Midnight snack enthusiasts. 


Playful and functional packaging.

11:11 is a restaraunt specialized for Chinese BBQ delivery that serves for young BBQ enthusiasts. 11:11 is designed in multiple interpretations. The name can be read as 'Eleven after Eleven', the night time that Chinses usually preferring to start their BBQ meal. Second, when four arabric numeral"1" are arranged horizontally, it appeared graphically like a skwere of BBQ. Finally, 11:11 stands for "four ones", which shares the similiar pronuciation with the words "for one", interpreates as the design is especially for you, for customer.

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