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I am a humorous ideator,

and a serious problem solver. 

Hi, I am benzhe chen.

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Hi, I’m Benzhe Chen. I think all the best ideas come about in a pleasant and free atmosphere.


I am lively and cheerful with a good sense of humor. Having chosen to study abroad at the high school, I enjoy a relatively independent, open-minded approach to learn and live.

I was the kid always drawing in class. I loved being lost in my imagination, anime, music and video games. I loved the infusion of invention, imagination and creativity. Today, I find inspiration in music, human behavior, current trends, playful humor and virtual platforms. I blend invention, ideation and imagination, designing compositions that allow people to connect emotionally and feel inspired.


Through rigorous analysis, curiosity and artistic thinking, I innovate experiences that embrace the freedom of the unknown and allow people to dream.








about me page_画板 1_画板 1.png





Fine arts education taught me to appreciate and apply different perspectives that go beyond the realm of the purely utilitarian of product design. 

Before studying in ArtCenter, I studied in SAIC(School of Art institude of Chicago), Fine art Education taught me the value of form and aesthetic, and ArtCenter has taught me how to apply it and make it useful.

My current focus is on fun, whimsical, human-centered design in both the product and interaction(UI/UX) fields. Tackling challenges is the best application of my internal mechanism. 

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